Why is Timmy upside down? 

No secret meaning. I just liked that it broke up the line a bit. I like my Timmies whimsical. 

Can you put him right side up?

 Eh. I'd really rather not. Sorry.

Can you add (insert your favorite whatever) to the mug?

Maybe! Just get in touch first, and we'll see what we can work out.
If you just leave me a note at checkout, I'll ignore it. 
The key to getting what you want is just to ask ahead of time. 

Can you guarantee my order will be here by such-and-such date?

Probably can't guarantee anything. I will definitely make my best effort, though. Please make sure the date you have in mind leaves time for my processing times. I do have to make everything before I can ship it.  

Are your mugs dishwasher safe?


Can I stick the mug in the microwave?

 Go for it!

Do you do custom orders?

 Absolutely! Send me a message, and we'll chat.