Hey all!

I'm Sara, and everything you see here was designed by me. In fact, most of it is made to order by my own two hands. 

I have always loved to make things, and one of my biggest joys is to think up, and then make real, special, one-of-a-kind gifts for my friends and loved ones.
With scraft, I'm just opening up that gift-making to the wider world. 
What you will find represented in my shop are my longtime loves (The X-Files! Clueless! Buffy!) and my current obsessions (Timothée Chalamet's face! Schitt's Creek!). 

Is there a fandom or pop culture moment you wish was represented in the shop?
Let me know! I'd love to see if I can think something up for you.
Likewise, if you have an idea for a commission or one-off project,
just send me a message!

What's a scraft?
it's a play on my initials sc and the word craft. 
My friend Danielle thought it up. I like it. 

Thanks for stopping by!